Google News Initiative in partnership with DataLEADS organized the Data Dialogue workshop in Kolkata

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Kolkata, 4th March 2023: The Google News Initiative, in partnership with DataLEADS, organized the Data Dialogue workshop in collaboration with Kolkata Press Club today. A large number of Journalists, students, and media educators across Kolkata attended the day long workshop.   The Data Dialogue is a pan-India data journalism training series that is being held in 20 cities across India in English and 10 Indian languages beginning in December 2022. These workshops are aimed at increasing data literacy in newsrooms and helping journalists learn the tools and techniques of data sourcing, collection, verification, and visualization.   The series is open to editors, reporters and journalism students and will empower participants to unlock the powerful world of data journalism using the best tools from Google and beyond so they are able to find, verify and tell engaging stories and connect better with their audience. Full day training was given by lead trainer Anoushka Dalmia, Data Journalism expert and Google News Initiative India Training Network Trainer Prof Ghazala Yasmin.   The session was led by data journalism experts and trainers from the GNI India Training Network and focussed on four key areas: data sourcing, cleaning, visualisation and verification. Tools covered included Google Trends, Sheet, Flourish and many others including Pinpoint, a research tool part of Google Journalist Studio that empowers journalists to explore and analyse thousands of documents and files in multiple formats.   The full-day session was also an attempt to build a local learning community where data journalism practitioners and enthusiasts can come together to network and interact.
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